Microsoft office is getting so common these days that everybody is using one or more of its modules in their routine life for personal or professional purposes. It has become so common that our routine lives are getting dependent upon it. Whether you are a business man or a student, the Microsoft office modules will be your first hand in every manner.

Learn Microsoft Office to Become a Pro

Microsoft office is a full fledge service with countless modules. Many institutions are offering a number of courses to literate people about its functionality. What we have more for you is our dedicated experts of each module. We are majorly offering training courses in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word:

In our Microsoft office training classes, we teach you how to use word to write letters and articles. You will get some shortcuts to fasten up your work. With our Expert advice, you can become proficient in Word so that you can work independently on your projects.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft is something more technical than Word. If you are off to make calculations in simplest way possible then you can go for this tool. Many organizations are still using Microsoft Excel for their accounting and inventory keeping records. In our course, we will make you expert in excel features and formulas. Excel is all about formulas so once you get grip on formulas, you are all set for it.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a module which provides you facility to create presentations and slides. Soft presentations and projectors are a vital part of every business, curricular and extra-curricular presentations. We will train you how you can create mesmerizing presentations with unique themes and Smart Arts.

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 Duration    Registration fee   Discounted   Per month Fee   Discounted
 Crash Course   8 weeks  1,000  900  7,000  6,300
 Normal course   16 Weeks 1,000 900 5,000 4,500


During this session, you will be given understanding of the following programs in MS Office Suite


You will cover following functionalities relating to each of the program

  • Open, name, rename a document
  • How to use a template
  • Basic features and formatting
  • Using basic formulas in MS Excel
  • Using pictures and transitions in MS Powerpoint