As English has become a standard language for almost whole world so it is necessary to learn speaking and understanding English in order to step ahead. Many institutions are offering such spoken English language course but why us??

The course which we are offering is not only focused on training you for fluent English but it has something more. In addition to English fluency, we also work hard on your accent building. Our English language course outline is given below:

  1. English vocabulary and grammar
  2. Pronunciation and listening skills
  3. Accent training
  4. Accent modification
  5. Accent reduction
  6. Accent neutralization
  7. Connections and clarity in speech

Why you need our English language course?

You must be thinking that why I need to learn all of these things. Do you think fluent English is sufficient for you? No! You are wrong. You need a little correction here. If you are working in any local office of Pakistan then it could be something sufficient for you at times. But, if you are working in any corporate sector or multinational organization then you need to learn all of the above mentioned elements to add a boost in your confidence level.

Our advance English language course and accent training will help you in presenting yourself as a better person to deal with our multi-cultural and multi-lingual country. It will add a spice of elegance, confidence, precision, integrity and courage in your speech. It’s time for you set a benchmark in your surroundings with your beatles communication skills which no one other than you possess in your connections.

What are you waiting for buddy? Get started with your English language course registration immediately to learn it before others. Click on the given below button to get registered. Once you get registered, you will be emailed with our complete course outline.

English Language Training FEE STRUCTURE

 Duration    Registration fee   Per month Fee 
 4 weeks  Free 5,000
  • English vocabulary and grammar
  • Pronunciation and listening skills
  • Accent training
  • Accent modification
  • Accent reduction
  • Accent neutralization
  • Connections and clarity in speech